What DIXON Does

DIXON was formed in 1981 to offer full design and field inspection services for rehabilitation of water storage tanks. Over the ensuing years, many additional services have been added to keep DIXON on the cutting edge to serve the needs of the industry.


Phase One Preliminary Maintenance Inspection comes first. This inspection provides a definitive analysis of the condition of the structure and the creation of a cost-effective budget picture.
Phase Two Preparation of technical specifications for the solicitation of competitive bids. Complete and accurate specifications attract competent contractors at competitive prices. Good specifications assist the inspector, protect the owner, and guide the contractor throughout the entire project.
Phase Three Continued inspection services as the project progresses. Flexible scheduling is based on the demands which vary from project to project.
Phase Four The one-year warranty inspection. This inspection will detect defects in materials or workmanship for which the contractor may be responsible.
Phase Five Additional maintenance inspections performed every three to five years to monitor tank conditions.


One thing that has not changed is the dedicated and professional approach to each new challenge. Thorough and thoughtful planning is the key to DIXON’s success.


The requirements of each project demand carefully considered flexibility. The entire DIXON team employs their combined skills and talents to assure a successful project from start to finish – and beyond.