Warranty Inspection

DIXON highly recommends a One Year Warranty Inspection (WI) to test the condition of the coatings one year after all work is completed (labor and materials). A Warranty Inspection can detect problems that may arise from defective materials. If a coating failure occurs, the contractor is responsible to correct the work at no cost to the owner. A one year maintenance bond ensures the contractor’s responsibility to correct any defective work discovered at the warranty inspection. DIXON completes this inspection using high pressure water for adhesion testing.


High Pressure Cleaning

DIXON recommends high pressure cleaning during the inspection to remove sediment from the tank in order to detect any deterioration of the coatings. If it is difficult to remove the tank from service, a diver can be utilized for the inspection.

After high pressure cleaning, DIXON provides a detailed report including photographs, budget estimates, and a Field Inspection Report (FIR), which informs contractors about the dimensions and conditions.



After the inspection is complete, DIXON chlorinates the tank per AWWA D652 method 3. After acceptable bacteriological results are obtained the tank can be placed back in service unless it remains empty for contractor repairs.


General Recommendations

Inspection Date: DIXON will arrange a date of inspection that is mutually agreeable. The tank will be out of service until chlorination and testing is completed, approximately four days.

Inspection Duration: DIXON performs an entire inspection within one day unless an excessive amount of mud is discovered.

Sampling Tap: DIXON recommends installing a sampling tap if the tank does not have one.

Pressure Relief Valves: Dixon can provide pressure relief valves to assist systems with only one tank in regulating pressures while the tank is out of service.