Wastewater Concrete Structures

Surface PreparationHydrogen Sulfate Gas and High Strength Waste exposure can have a devastating effect on your concrete infrastructure at your wastewater plant and on your concrete collection system. Dixon has a team of experts that can inspect and evaluate any concrete structure. Our technical staff can develop detailed inspection reports with engineered solutions to solve the most deteriorated concrete structures whether it be wet wells, digesters, clarifiers, flow channels or manholes. Our engineers can prepare repair specifications to provide you with the best long terms solution.

Dixon inspectors will monitor the ambient conditions to ensure that primer, intermediate and finish coats are mixed and are being installed in accordance to the manufactures specifications. Dixon inspectors will ensure that coverage for all coats are complete and that the installed coating are cured properly. Finally, our inspectors will perform a high voltage holiday test to ensure that new coating system has no holidays or pinholes.

Final Coating ApplicationNobody likes dealing with any premature coating failures and Dixon will be on your side every step of the way. If you happen to be dealing with a coating failure Dixon has a team of expert witnesses that can take the lead in any failure investigation and analysis.