New Tank Construction

New Tank ConstructionDixon has worked successfully with many consulting engineers on both new construction and tank rehabilitation projects to ensure thorough and professional inspection of welding, surface preparation and coating applications. On new tanks our inspection services include: examination of delivered steel and shop welds for conformance with specifications, followed by subassembly weld inspections, elevated weld inspections, weld seam abrasive blast cleaning and priming inspection, and intermediate coat and topcoat paint inspections. Utilizing Dixon’s expertise has allowed many consulting firms to satisfactorily address the safety and quality control issues that occur during new tank construction. In 2008, Dixon provided construction inspection services on approximately 2 dozen new storage tanks.

Dixon is also providing abrasive blast cleaning and priming inspection services at tank fabricator facilities to address chronic shop priming issues that have occurred on new tank projects.

We also work for consultants on special coating projects such as rehabilitation of existing storage tanks, water and wastewater plant clarifiers, filters, piping galleries, and digesters. We provide consultants with coating failure analysis investigations, rehabilitation recommendations and updated technical specifications for a variety of coating projects as well. Please note that Dixon does not prepare new storage tank designs and does not compete with consultants for these projects.