Battle Creek Clarifier #5Water and wastewater clarifiers are subject to harsh conditions – constant contact with water and corrosive chemicals. The life expectancy of these structures is dependent on proper maintenance of the protective coatings on the steel and concrete. DIXON can assist you in developing a maintenance program that:

Evaluates existing coatings to determine if the structures require recoating.

Evaluates existing coatings to determine proper procedures for removal and disposal of coating and spent abrasives that may contain heavy metals and other hazardous waste components.

Develops plans and specifications for rehabilitation of the clarifiers, including repairs, surface preparation, dust control, safety requirements, and types of coatings, specific coating application requirements, and waste disposal.

Establishes a routine inspection frequency to evaluate the condition and performance of the coating system.

DIXON begins the development of a maintenance program through a comprehensive Preliminary Maintenance Inspection. From this inspection, DIXON makes conclusions and recommendations for repairs and recoating of the clarifiers, develops cost estimates, and presents our findings in a report with color photographs. DIXON’s Engineering services are then tailored to meet your needs in developing bid specifications and plans. DIXON provides National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) trained coating inspectors and American Welding Society (AWS)certified welding inspectors to ensure quality is maintained throughout the rehabilitation process.

DIXON offers a one year Warranty Inspection as part of the quality control process, and five-year Maintenance Inspections as part of a maintenance program. DIXON’s coating inspections will help you maximize the service life of your structures while minimizing your maintenance costs.