Bridges & Other Steel Structures

Historic Bridge RehabDIXON’s thorough knowledge of government and liability claims plays a key role in developing a maintenance program for bridges and other steel structures that simplifies the complexities of today’s strict regulations. Maintenance for bridges and other steel structures needs to be carefully planned in order to protect the interests of your personnel and your establishment because of today’s strict government regulations and liability claims for painting projects. DIXON can act as a consultant to develop a customized maintenance program, and help you get to know the rules before you start.


DIXON will evaluate the bridges or other steel structures and customize a maintenance program that will protect personnel and the utility from:

Hazardous material handling regulations and containment measures

Abrasive and paint drift control

Confined space entry regulations

Contractor and personnel injury protection


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Most older alkyd coatings are lead-based and removing the old paint and applying new requires special procedures?

Old paint containing lead must be removed, contained and disposed of properly?

Coal tar is safe while in place, but when removed it is classified as a carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) that requires strict protective measures for removal?

Leftover paint can be classified as a hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly?