Antenna Management


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New Tanks

When designing and constructing a new water tank consider taking into account cellular installations.  Your new tank maybe a prime area for cellular antenna co-location.


Site Plan Design

  • Fencing & Gates for each carrier shelter
  • Locations for carrier equipment shelters
  • Cable Routing – Above or Below Grade

Tank Design

  • Penetrations through steel or foundation
  • Internal cable routing plan
  • External Antenna mounting plan


Existing Tanks

Existing water tanks are highly sought after by cellular carriers.  Many zoning ordinances prevent the construction of cellular towers therefore carriers make use of existing structures.  DIXON Engineering provides recommendations of proper procedures when antenna installations occur.Antenna Design


  • What is the proposed plan when your tank needs to be painted?
  • How are the carriers informed of the project?
  • Does any part of the current installation compromise safety?
  • Coordination with all parties for the Project Status Meetings?
  • Who coordinates the equipment removal?
  • Who prepares design modifications to be installed as part of the project?


Services Provided:

  • Master Design Plan
  • Initial Site Inspections
  • Prepare or Review Design Drawings
  • Structural Analysis
  • Mount Analysis
  • Installation and Post Inspections

The DIXON Engineering Antenna Department designs, reviews, and inspects antenna installations.  We ensure the safety of your tank during the installation process.


Antenna Design

DIXON considers the following during design preparation and review:

  • Antenna Mounting Design
  • Tank Loading Effects
  • Cable Passage Design
  • Cable Penetration Design
  • Paint Repair Specifications
  • Collateral Tank Appurtenance Design

Each project is led by and experienced project manager who is committed to overseeing the client’s needs.